We welcome the opportunity of working with you in achieving your goal for a new building.  As a first step, we suggest that you send us an email explaining the type and size of a building that you desire. Please include your name and phone number. Afterwards, direct contact will be made with you, and a formal bid package will be developed for your approval.
   If you would like a Formal Bid Proposal prepared, please call us or state your desire within a separate email. In order to prepare a formal bid package, we require drawings of the concrete, excavation, and interior components of the project. In addition, if you need engineering drawings to secure your building permit, we have an ongoing relationship with a local engineering firm that provides us with support regarding such matters.

Contact Information
   To obtain a Preliminary Cost Estimate for your building project, you will need to provide us with full details about the Type of Building: (Industrial, Storage, Office, Retail, or other), the Structure: (Steel, Concrete Tilt-up, CMU Block Wall, Metal, or other) and the Overall Size you have in mind.
Note: For a more precise preliminary estimate, it would help if you possess drawings of your building project. If you do have some drawings, send a separate email to k4@construction-plus.com and attach the files.