The Advantages of Tilt-Up Construction
Today, more customers and builders are turning to tilt-up concrete construction. That's because tilt-up precast panels afford sizeable savings, quicker construction time, and lower maintenance, just to name a few of the numerous advantages inherent with this system.   Here at Construction Plus, our product of choice is manufactured by Owell Precast of Sandy Utah. Owell's concrete tilt-up panels are factory-casted in a stationary mold to insure the finest finish possible. Furthermore, to insure maximum strength, panels are reinforced with prestressed cables and steam cured.   On an aesthetic note, there are a large variety of surface patterns and colors to choose from. To date, our team at Construction Plus has completed more than twenty projects employing precast concrete tilt-up panels.

Advantages at a Glance
  • All materials are readily available
  • Shorter construction time
  • Easy building expansion: simply detach and relocate the panels
  • The concrete panels are load bearing
  • Owell Precast offers an array of colors and surface textures
  • Concrete tilt-ups afford increased fire protection
  • Less damage from severe weather conditions
  • Lower labor cost when compared to masonry construction